We’re an award-winning marketing + graphic design company founded in 1987.


This is a white gradient above an abstract painting of a plant-filled landscape represents design in all things and gordongroup’s own true nature. The unique artistry uses gordongroup’s company colours—blue, orange, green, and red—and a gestural style that offers a new way of interpreting familiar entities. It evokes a sense of creativity and originality while preserving the authentic character of the landscape. This image, therefore, accompanies our written messaging to demonstrate that we’re not a run-of-the-mill marketing and design agency—though we’re very proud to be marketing Ottawa with each project that supports its programs, bolsters its businesses, and tells its stories with world-class design.

In a world with a communication problem, where impressions blur in a flood of content and rhetoric, scrolling online can feel like wading. That’s because, when trends dictate representation, nothing is authentic or set apart. They miss the forest for the trees: people crave authentic connections and information they can rely on. Substance, soul, and social consciousness.

Trust and true nature help organizations rise above the weeds with outreach that resonates sincerity. We’re leaders in growing both, shaping each layer of content with design that showcases who you really are. And we’ll know who you are—because we take the time to understand.

After all, that’s what communication is about: authenticity and learning. Truth fosters trust, and sharing your true nature means audiences will not only understand your message—they’ll connect with you, too.  

That’s what our marketing + graphic design company is for. Our purpose is to grow our clients’ ecosystem with design in all things, shaping purpose and creativity into solutions that inspire action and emotion.

gordongroup proudly maintains the highest standards in fulfilling our engagements. When needed, we complement the expertise of our in-house professionals with specialized skills from a network of technical partners, bringing you the best in Ottawa branding.

We love what we do and strive to deliver a personalized and rewarding experience reflecting the service and expertise emblematic of the gordongroup brand. After more than 30 years, we’re still proud to do our part in sharing the projects, programs, history, and entrepreneurship Ottawa has to offer.

“Everyone spoke of an information overload, but what there was in fact was a non-information overload”



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