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discovering and shaping true nature.

Your brand‘s true nature.

We believe marketing and design begins by empowering purpose with understanding. That’s why we ground our projects in brand essence and client objectives-because growth starts where intention gives direction to creativity.

And when authenticity and purpose flourish together, that’s true nature.

For over 35 years, we’ve been bringing marketing and design excellence to our clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in Ottawa. And since it’s in our nature to look beyond, our services have also extended to valued clients across Canada, Indigenous communities and the world.

We build relationships rooted in trust.

That’s why our Creative Convergence Process came to be, growing insightful and collaborative client relationships so we can achieve the best outcomes-together.

At gordongroup|TAAG, we’re marketing Ottawa with each project that supports its programs, bolsters its businesses, and tells its stories with world-class design.

So whether you need help advancing your project, accelerating its timeline, or shaping its outcome, we’ll align our services and products to meet your needs.

Trust and true nature-we partner with you to help them grow.

Discover the best solutions to advance your outreach project.
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“I love the work you guys are doing!”
Natalie Tommy, VP Communications at Nautical Lands Group
“You and your team are simply the best at what you do.”
Doug Wotherspoon, Vice President, Innovation & Strategy at Algonquin College
“You have helped CIPO tremendously and we are so excited with our modern and fresh look.”
Joanna Baker, Senior Director Business Development & Partnerships at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
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