When it comes to selecting a marketing consultant, gordongroup is the natural choice—assembling the best team to meet the needs of our clients so their brand’s true nature shines.

This is a white gradient above an abstract painting of a plant-filled landscape represents design in all things and gordongroup’s own true nature. The unique artistry uses gordongroup’s company colours—blue, orange, green, and red—and a gestural style that offers a new way of interpreting familiar entities. It evokes a sense of creativity and originality while preserving the authentic character of the landscape. This image, therefore, accompanies our written messaging to demonstrate that we’re not a run-of-the-mill marketing and design agency—though we’re very proud to be marketing Ottawa with each project that supports its programs, bolsters its businesses, and tells its stories with world-class design.

Our marketing services span a full range of specialties. So whether you’re looking for graphic design services, Canadian book publishers, or something completely different, we’ll discover and shape the solution that’s right for you.


Through years of experience, we’ve learned to develop strategies and plans that lead to success. At gordongroup, we craft insightful marketing, communications, brand, and digital strategies that align with our clients’ objectives to deliver results. We understand that success begins with a realistic blueprint—one detailed enough for precise action and flexible enough to encourage creativity and innovation. That’s why we’ll work with you to ensure strategies resonate…that they’re relevant and realistic yet aspirational, reflecting the contributions of our two organizations. 


Are you ready to discover your brand’s true nature? We’ll base our brand identity, brand building, and brand refresh services on your organization’s core identity constructs. If you’re just beginning the discovery process, we’ll start by unpacking the essence of your organization to inform the design of your brand elements, such as logo design, corporate colours, and voice. Or, if you’re farther into your evolution, we’ll provide visual identity refresh and branding solutions to update your look and feel.


gordongroup’s content strategists and writers provide a full range of content development services including branded narrative, storytelling, copywriting, SEO services, editing, and translation. Clients come to us when they need core messaging and positioning refinement, compelling content, and taglines to support evolving brand identities. Our specialty is plain language—making complex, overwritten material concise and easy to understand. We’ll make sure the important stuff stays and has room to shine.


We don’t just mean some of the finest graphic design Ottawa has to offer. We’re design in all things, revealing brands’ true natures through writing, photography, illustration, and more. Brands as they were meant to be—and meant to be shared. Our creatives-of-all-trades craft integrated products spanning print, web design, digital productions, and social media. We offer content and graphic design services at all stages of the design process. And, because people process information in different ways, we develop concepts that “speak” on different levels…a perfect integration of image and text.


If you’re looking to publish your book, magazine, or report, we’ll be your happy medium between third-party and self-publishing. That’s because we’ll collaborate with you in a way larger publishers just don’t, crafting design that unifies text, imagery, and graphic elements with your vision. Producing a high-quality publication shouldn’t mean surrendering creative input. That’s why our Creative Convergence Process sets a course based on your goals. Our Direct Marketing team can even assist with ad sales to support revenue generation for our niche print and digital magazines. You’re still self-publishing, but you don’t have to do it alone. So whether you’re looking for Canadian book publishers, Ottawa publishers, or simply the right publisher, we’ll keep your project the way it’s meant to be: yours.

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