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We assemble the best team to meet the unique needs of our clients and their projects. Our services and specialties include:
Strategy Development
gordongroup’s strategic capacity (both internally and in collaboration with niche specialists from our partner network) leverages a depth and breadth of expertise. We craft insightful and informed marketing, communications, brand and digital strategies that are aligned with our clients objectives and designed to deliver results. Through years of combined experience, we’ve learned how to develop strategies and plans that lead to success. We understand that success begins with a realistic blueprint—one that is detailed enough for precise action, and flexible enough to encourage creativity and innovation. We work collaboratively with you to ensure strategies resonate, are relevant and realistic yet aspirational, and reflect the collective knowledge and ideas contributed by both of our organizations.
We offer brand identity, brand building, and brand refresh services at the enterprise or program level. The type of organization or program you are is reflected in various brand elements—such as logo, corporate colours, fonts, imagery, design layout, content, and editorial voice/tone—and is informed by core identity constructs. We can facilitate getting at or unpacking the essence of an organization to provide the foundation for the design of these various brand elements… or we can enter later in the evolution and provide visual identity refresh and brand building solutions to update your ‘look and feel’.
Content Creation
gordongroup’s content strategists and writers provide a full range of content development and storytelling services to support the needs of our clients and their projects including: corporate and branded narrative, storytelling, creative and copywriting, editing, translation and proofreading. Clients come to us when they need core messaging and positioning refinement; compelling content and taglines to support evolving brand identities. Our specialty is plain language—making complex, overwritten material concise and easy to understand. Our content strategists have laser-focused research, analytical and distillation abilities enabling them to ‘unpack’ complex information into compelling content.
Our teams of brand and content strategists work closely with our skilled graphic designers to recommend and produce a wide range of integrated products from: print, web, video, digital and social media communications products. We offer services in all facets of the design process, from concept design through layout, to traditional and digital illustration, to photography and print management, to digital production. Because people process information in different ways, we develop concepts that “speak” on different levels, in a perfect integration of image and text.
Campaign Execution
Whether the recommendation for your outreach campaign is to utilize traditional or digital and social media channels, or a combo, our specialists can do the research, pinpoint the best tactics, and suggest the preferred advertising, communications and engagement options. Then, you can execute the campaign or we can help there too if need be. Our social media specialists work closely with our strategists, writers and designers to craft content calendars, curate content, build communities, monitor and measure activity, and then report on analytics. Analytical insights then enable us to tweak and course correct to maximize results moving forward.
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