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Our Creative Convergence Process is designed to discover and inspire, leveraging the collective expertise and brilliance of both our organizations.

As an over-arching approach, gordongroup leverages blue sky thinking to ensure we capture and refine the best ideas as we advance through our streamlined phases.

After we explore and validate your requirements, we will discover and recommend the services we need to engage in order to deliver on the outcomes envisioned.
This iterative journey ensures that as we navigate and flow through design we shape the products so that when we reach our final destination with you, we deliver original solutions that are on-point, aligned and emblematic of your brand.

The Convergence Process: From Exploration to Destination 

Exploration and Discovery

Exploration and discovery can be exciting… it’s the beginning of our journey when we get to know you and do a steep and deep dive into your organization, brand and marketscape… it’s when we scope out the parameters of a project… when we inquire, research, analyze and originate… to craft a set of strategic recommendations, seek approval, and set a course of action towards realizing solutions.

Navigation and Flow

This is when the best ideas take shape… it’s when our specialists gather to brainstorm and ideate… it’s when our creative direction takes over and navigates us forward… it’s when new design and content concepts are created… it’s when we present to you and through iteration find consensus… it’s when we flow through the design to layout and produce your end products, or execute on your campaigns.


It’s all about convergence… it’s when we arrive at our common destination and deliver to you solutions that are on-point… authentic solutions that are emblematic of your brand and reflective of a heuristic, design-thinking process that blended our collective expertise and brilliance—yours and ours.


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