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gordongroup has packaged a few of our popular offerings to make it easier for you to identify the combination of standard features and options that best meet your specific product requirements. 
Welcome to our Annual Report Package!

1 - Various Report-Covers

Annual Reports

Here, you’ll find some visual samples that showcase how our clients have opted to bring their annual reports to life by choosing from a range of both standard and optional package features. 

The full production of long-form reports, niche books, and magazines has been a central gordongroup service offering since our inception in 1987. Each year, we produce a plethora of publications to match the wide range of client organizations we serve. We tune our level of engagement to suit your needs, from professional writing and proofing to photo shoots, original illustration, design layout in multiple languages, and traditional and digital publication.

Get in touch to explore the art of the annual report, and check out some examples of our work below!

1 - Cree-Covers

Eenou Eeyou Limited Partnership (EELP) Annual Reports

The Eenou Eeyou Limited Partnership was established in 2002 to receive, manage, and invest annual capital payments made by the Government of Quebec to the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee under the Paix des Braves. This agreement between Quebec and the Cree Nation calls for an annual report describing how the Cree Nation invests those funds, which is tabled in the Quebec Parliament.

In addition to helping to create the framework for the original annual report, we collaborate with the client to do the research and interviews necessary to write the stories that outline how money received under agreement is used. We also coordinate translation into French and Cree. Leslie Miles, our Creative Director, leads the top-tier design and layout of each report, and Robert Chitty—gordongroup Founder, President, and avid photographer—has accompanied Cree partners on their land to capture photographs emblematic of the Cree culture and landscape. This bank of photos has graced the pages of several years’ worth of EELP annual reports.

4 - NAV-Cover

NAV CANADA: Annual Reports

Some of our clients supply all the content in both English and French and are only looking for design and layout services—until they decide to add on another option. Such was the case with NAV CANADA, for whom we’ve completed several annual reports.

During a collaborative launch meeting that utilized our Creative Convergence Process, we conferred with the client and decided that a millennial, female Air Traffic Controller would be invited to a photoshoot onboard a plane situated in a hanger at the Ottawa airport. The vision was to have her looking out the window of a plane that was supposedly in flight while an illustration in the clouds depicted what an air traffic controller sees on their radar. Our designer consulted with a NAV CANADA expert to create the relevant and eye-catching graphic that appears over the clouds.

7 - CYMH

Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health: Impact Report

This project exemplifies how a client’s preference for a digital-only, mobile-responsive format can influence the design and customer experience of a critical report. A horizontal orientation dictated the format, and the addition of interactive, graphic elements that augmented the narrative was used to keep the audience engaged. An intuitive scroll-down layout kept the navigation linear, uncomplicated, and fluid. The ability to digitally distribute and measure engagement was an important consideration, as was the desire to avoid incurring printing and mailing costs.

6 - FCAC-Info

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada: Annual Reports 

Over the course of three different annual reports, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada did not opt for any optional features—however, each report was distinctly different and had the same signature, high production values. Every year, we took the final text and numerical content provided by the client and shaped each page with distinct and modern treatments of typography, formatting, imagery, graphical elements, charts, illustrations, and tables that integrated with the ‘chosen’ holistic design. Each chosen design was selected from two original concepts and finetuned in collaboration with the client to get it just where they wanted it. 

We hope you enjoyed this gordongroup Product Package!

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