Office of Consumer Affairs


Industry Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) provides information and tools to help Canadians make better, more informed consumer decisions. They recently turned to gordongroup for a new addition to the tool kit: an interactive infographic to get Canadian consumers thinking about their household spending habits.

The bilingual infographic would depict an average home, with each room providing a related pop-up covering typical household expenses such as transportation, recreation, food and energy. Users would be able to browse different topics located throughout the interactive home and click on pop-ups for further information and resources.

Our goal was to design the infographic in a way that was informative, entertaining and easy to use. We used our step-by-step web development methodology to ensure we delivered on the OCA’s vision for the tool. First we met with OCA to fully understand the requirements in terms of target audience, objectives, functionality and look and feel for the infographic. With this background, we developed the information architecture and visual imagery, and began the development process.

Each aspect of the infographic was considered carefully with the end user’s needs in mind, including the individual roll-overs and pop-up elements; for example, we added printer-friendly elements to the text pop-ups, as well as tips, tools and additional links and resources throughout the infographic. It was also developed as responsive and tested on multiple devices, operating systems and browsers.

The result is a highly informative, fun-to-use tool that can help Canadians from coast to coast save time, energy and money.

Client reference: Cathy Enright, Director, Office of Consumer Affairs - Government of Canada; 613-952-8019; Email: