BioTalent Canada

BioTalent Canada helps the nation’s bio-economy thrive by anticipating needs, creating new opportunities and delivering human resources tools, information and skills development to ensure that the biotechnology industry has access to job-ready people. The organization wanted to transition into a not-for-profit marketing and sales company that generates revenue and is financially sustainable, while building a strong brand and an engaged, growing audience.

BioTalent contracted gordongroup to create a much more dynamic, user-focused and profitable online presence. We redeveloped the website to target sponsors, advertisers and suppliers in addition to its previous audience of job seekers, professionals, employers, partners, students and educators. The new online platform integrates social media, job postings, RSS feeds and videos into a dynamic, innovative design.

We began the project by assessing BioTalent’s web presence, including: the website as a leverage tool to generate revenue; technology platforms; web application requirements; hosting environment; and brand guidelines. We worked collaboratively with BioTalent staff and stakeholders through a set of brainstorming sessions and discussions to ensure we had a thorough understanding of BioTalent assets and resources available, risks, and desired outcomes to ensure our proposed solution would be framed by realistic capability to execute and maintain.

We then built the information hierarchy, designed the user experience and the visual look and feel of the site. Next, the technical development of the website took place. We completed development alpha testing of the new website and integrated the design into the platforms (CMS, job board, shopping cart). After this phase, we migrated the content from the old site to the new one, which required a parallel read in both English and French to ensure no cut and paste errors were performed. Finally, we trained BioTalent staff to use the new user-friendly platform and administration features.

The new website is streamlined and condensed to improve the user experience and make navigation consistent and intuitive so that users can quickly find what they’re looking for.

The new was also recognized by The Globe and Mail as one of the best biotechnology websites.