In response to our clients’ needs, gordongroup has developed and delivered many types of training programs and workshops over the years, Since 1998, our in-person plain language workshops have grown in popularity. They are customizable, entertaining, offer hands-on learning, and result in clearer communications for your organization. We have also developed various online training courses, as well as educational simulation courses. Webcasting is the next frontier and we’re already perfecting this enviro-friendly way to present information to viewers spread over wide distances.

Plain Language Workshops

Clear communication depends on good writing. gordongroup incorporates plain language into our work for clients and has, since 1998, offered plain language training courses. Our experienced trainers have taught and perfected our customizable workshops over the years, ensuring they are fun for all participants. Our courses introduce the plain language fundamentals and teach you how to apply them to your own work. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn to: appreciate the need for plain language writing; recognize writing that needs to be rewritten; and write materials in plain language. Course materials include "before" and "after" writing samples, explanations of the 10 plain language techniques, and an easy-to-use checklist.

Online training courses

gordongroup has developed many online, interactive workshops that use a variety of techniques to maintain the user’s interest, such as video, audio, quizzes and e-applications. For our branding course, for example, users learn about branding basics, learn how to market and promote their products or services, and build a brand blueprint to use for their own target markets, products, competitors and needs. We have also developed online, interactive human resource management tools that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Educational simulation training

Learning through simulation is a growing trend for online educational tools and training. gordongroup has developed many Flash-based, educational simulation training modules for clients, such as the Globemaster project for the Department of National Defence. Our highly-technical, yet easy-to-use series of educational simulations allow users to learn about the military in general and take on the role of various occupations in the Canadian Forces.