Strong customer care helps build clients' brands and renew business

By: Robert Chitty, Partner

We take some comfort knowing our people who interact with our clients—sales people, project managers, direct marketers and customer-care representatives—are committed to ensuring our clients’ brands remain vital and strong in the hearts and minds of their target audiences. These roles and supporting activities have become the hallmark of what drives ongoing opportunities on behalf of our clients and their stakeholders.

But it is also important to note that effective customer care, coupled with the skills needed to design products and build brands, also helps drive new business year after year. Both of these responsibilities of client engagement have equal importance and are core to delivering the highest standard of performance.

Put simply: customer care management is key to producing stellar brands and building business.

Using design-thinking terminology, one can look at extreme users to define the client profile. Extreme users are at the opposite ends of a profile or cross-section of a community, with a median in the middle. Over the past 24 years, gordongroup has benefited from working with clients across the spectrum, from mom-and-pop operations to federal government departments and everything else in between: small-and-medium-sized businesses, non-governmental organizations, not-for-profits, private-sector enterprises, embassies and educational institutions.

Customer care must take into account the diverse organizational nature and management structure of our different client groups.

We recognize that clients must be transparent with their internal and external stakeholders, including any partners who play a central role in the client’s success. This may include governance bodies, trade organizations, volunteers and many others who are willing to support the client’s outreach and brand building. Managed properly, customer care ensures that brand building is streamlined and inclusive. Clients with large administrations in particular rely on gordongroup to build bridges, ensuring all the client’s stakeholders support the process with ideas, contributions or key information that will maximize return on investment.

Customer care is always central. Our project managers include customer relations and responsive frontline support. Moreover, our clients have full access to our range of experts at any time during the project. Our creative director, web manager, editorial manager, and direct-marketing representatives are full participants and perform an integral role at the table, in the interest of getting the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Bringing people together, moving beyond “buy in” and ensuring meaningful contributions are essential to project success. Research proves that a collective approach or working together among disparate teams or across organization locations, disciplines or hierarchies leads to the best possible outcomes. (Jon R. Katzenbach, 1992)

To learn more about gordongroup’s customer care model, or other details about project management, I invite you to contact Alice Canat, Director of Market Development, or Taralee Gerhards, Account Manager, at gordongroup. By Bob Chitty, Partner