MBA Students and Design Thinking

By: Robert Chitty, Partner

I recently had the privilege of sharing with MBA students insights into management and design thinking that I have gained as gordongroup’s founding partner. This innovation-based organization has just entered our 25th year of operations with a strong team of 50 dedicated communicators. The intent was to deliver a practitioner’s perspective to students at the Telfer School of Management who are currently engaged in research and study about the science of management. Through this encounter I shared 16 constructs of my journey over the last quarter-century, presented visually below.

Management has many facets today and technology has emerged as a central focus in much of what is being discussed and sold to us about ways to create innovation, streamline and leverage user patterns through algorithms and other binary-based references. I believe equal emphasis and even greater focus is needed on the human side of management. People, after all, remain at the core of leading business enterprises.