Robert Chitty


Bob is the founding partner of gordongroup and a key architect of the firm’s successful growth from a tiny design shop to a full-service marketing and communications company. Bob is a firm believer that design creates value for organizations.

As such, he strives to meet the communications objectives of clients with innovative brand leadership and corporate identity campaigns. Bob combines communication and consulting talents with expertise in all aspects of the development process, from initial concept to campaign rollout.

His high standards for quality and his adeptness in managing large-scale communications and marketing projects have led to several national successes with major public and private sector accounts.

Clients include the James Bay Cree of Northern Quebec, a wide range of federal government departments, and national investment management corporations such as Bentall Investment Management and Great West Life Realty Advisors. Bob is directly involved in:

  • Developing brand identities for public- and private-sector organizations
  • Collaborating with clients and their stakeholders to define a campaign and ensure that all participants promote brand stewardship
  • Establishing brand architecture (brand, sub-brand, etc.)
  • Developing brand identity frameworks based on evaluation and analysis of the asset (framework includes the essence and attributes of the property, value propositions, key messages and taglines)
  • Identifying the most practical and effective ways to communicate the brand to the target audience (e.g. printed products, events, online presence, sponsorships, direct marketing)
  • Creating brand-building tools to maximize outreach to internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing standards and guidelines for effective brand management (regarding typography, colours, logo, symbols, illustrations, photography, etc.) to ensure consistent use of identity elements across different media and formats
  • Creating database solutions to support advertising and direct marketing campaigns
  • Developing measurement tools (e.g. user feedback surveys, tracking of web usage, etc.) to determine a campaign’s effectiveness