Leslie Miles

Creative Director

Leslie’s career in graphic design has been on a steady upward trajectory; with each new position has come greater responsibility and a broadening of her skill set. Now, with over 20 years in the industry, Leslie brings expertise and insight to her role as gordongroup’s creative director.

She is instrumental in every design project we take on, leading our team of graphic designers and setting the overall direction.

Nothing leaves our shop without her inspection and approval. With gordongroup, Leslie has helped a range of clients—from small businesses to multinational corporations, and all points in between—create unique visual identities and meet their communications goals through design.

She specializes in developing strong, high-impact brands for organizations in both the public and private sectors; gordongroup clients such as the Mining Association of Canada, the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Air Transport Safety Authority have all benefited from her vision.

Leslie began her career as a graphic designer and production artist, holding positions with the Canadian Nurses Association, Ottawa Magazine and two Toronto-based firms, Nucomm Marketing Group and SMW Advertising.

In these positions she created print marketing and sales materials, brand identities, trade show materials, direct mail pieces, annual reports and corporate communication products. She went on to become art director for Toronto design firm Fusion Creative. Leslie returned to Ottawa in 2005 to found Blue Chocolate Design, a company specializing in branding, marketing and corporate communications.

A lover of dance, Leslie taught ballet, jazz and modern dance for over ten years in Ottawa and Norway. While at the Dance Notation Bureau in New York City, she studied Labanotation, a system that uses abstract symbols to record human motion.